We met 2 years ago today!

Lacey and I celebrated our 2-year dating anniversary today. We did what we enjoy best, spending time with each other. We picked a delicious place to eat for dinner and set out for a great time. As usual Lacey and I exchanged small tokens of our love and marking of the occasion. This usually includes … [Read more…]

Katherine and Alex’s Wedding

Lacey and I attended Katherine and Alex’s wedding. It was a nice event located in the beautiful Pearl Stables at the old Pearl Brewery in Downtown San Antonio. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed dancing well into the evening! Congratulations Alex and Katherine!

A funny surprise Birthday present for Lacey!

It was Lacey’s birthday earlier this month, and I have to share one of her gifts. Lacey has come to appreciate some of the finer examples of Reality Television through Adam’s influence. One such show is ‘Party Down South’ on CMT. So of course, the perfect Birthday gift for Lacey wasn’t hard to come by. … [Read more…]